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Assignments Created. Keeping students engaged. Our bite-sized and interactive content optimizes student engagement via videos, GIFs, questions and short texts. Ideal for review and assessment. What people say This is brilliant for all learners, but especially for disaffected kids who refuse to do 'traditional' revision.

After showing students Seneca for my subject, it took off through the whole school!

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They loved it and helped massively. In the actual words of many of our students: "Seneca has saved my life". My AP students like some of the "fun" features. That makes my heart happy because during our distance learning journey I appreciate anything that provides some levity! Seneca is definitely helping out with student engagement. One of my students was just saying today they are glad you guys came up with this.

seneca academy

They find it helpful and engaging. The resources are phenomenal! Love them! Thank you so much. I will be sharing with all of my AP instructors. I am very impressed by Seneca's approach to learning and I consider Seneca a bright light to help to guide educators lost in growing and confusing surfeit of lesser choices and options. Recently signed my 11th graders and have started setting assignments as homework. Wish I'd discovered this wonderful resource earlier!

Guarantee there will be students up and down the country who are at least a grade higher thanks to this platform. If your students don't use Seneca Learning, get them on it!

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Evidence it works! One student completed hours on Seneca and achieved his best result ever. One awesome tool. This platform was universally liked by my students.

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It provided an easy way of revising a range of subjects. By easy I mean all the information was in one place. Students who hadn't before found a way to revise started to use this. Thoroughly recommended.

Seneca is amazing. My students loved it and they did really well! Recognized by. Join class Login Sign up. Choose your region UK.Our kindergarten through fifth grade students think deeply, communicate effectively, and interact positively. Seneca Academy's Head of School presents free workshops for the community about various parenting topics. Read More About Seneca Academy. If you signed up for a virtual open house, you will receive an email the morning of your chosen date with a Zoom link.

If you signed up for the adult-only, in-person open house in February, you will be contacted by our Admissions Director, Priscella Celentano, to schedule a specific time. You will be receiving an email shortly before the webinar on July 8 with details on joining the Zoom call. Please continue to utilize the information on the Resources for Talking to Children about Race page!

Once again, we appreciate you being a part of the Seneca Academy village.

seneca academy

We appreciate your gift to help us preserve the wonder of childhood for years to come! Welcome to Seneca Academy developing globally aware citizens who are lifelong learners and leaders. Learn More. Elementary Program Our kindergarten through fifth grade students think deeply, communicate effectively, and interact positively.

Parenting Series Seneca Academy's Head of School presents free workshops for the community about various parenting topics. Register for a virtual open house for the school year! Seneca Academy Closed. Due to anticipated severe winter weather, Seneca Academy will be closed Wednesday, December 16, Pajama Day has been rescheduled to Friday, December Thank you! We look forward to spending more time with you, either virtually or in person!

Thank you for registering! Thank you again, and we will see you on the 8th!And it's free! Students, use for free Teachers, use for free Parents, use for free. Questions Answered. Proven to make you learn 2x faster. Our smart learning algorithms are proven to make you remember topics better. Your teacher can also create classes and set homework for any revision topic on the study platform creating the perfect lesson plan.

What people say Using Seneca Learning helped improve my sons grades we are so pleased with his results. These guys are amazing. My pupils loved it and they did really well! I've just found this wonderful resource. Thank you! It was the only revision approach he could stomach and thank you for making it freely available.

Guarantee there will be students up and down the country who are at least a grade higher thanks to this lot. If your students don't use Seneca Learning, get them on it in September! Recently signed my yr11s up and have started setting assignments as homework. Wish I'd discovered this wonderful resource earlier! Just wanted to say cheers for everything - went from 7s to 9s in my sciences using the website.

Thanks so much for releasing this revision tool. My whole life I have failed maths exams and have never passed a single one. I used seneca for a few months and I pass my gcse exam for it. Evidence-it works! One student completed hours on Seneca.

Was predicted 5s. One awesome tool. Can't wait for A level and KS3 to be launched. Hi Seneca. I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone.

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This platform was universally liked by my students. It provided an easy way of revising a range of subjects. By easy I mean all the information was in one place.Endorse Seneca Academy. Endorsements should be a few sentences in length.

Seneca Academy

Please include any comments on:. Thank you for your school recommendation! Your review will be checked according to our submission guidelines and posted within a few days.

In each of the classes, from Preschool to the present, she has been encouraged to express her ideas and make connections to what she does outside of school. While Seneca is a small school, it doesn't feel that way to us or to her.

Seneca International Academy

She has friends in each of the grades, not just in her classroom. The range of after school activities is impressive. Most importantly, however, the teachers are committed to knowing the students and challenging them to grow academically and personally.

Based on our experience, I would strongly recommend that parents consider this school for their children. Though we may ask frequently, we never really find out exactly how they spend each day or what conversations take place in the sandbox or on the playground; what small piece of knowledge they gain from every activity or assignment; but I do believe we can tell when they are thriving and when they are not.

After seeing our daughter, through two amazing years of preschool and Kindergarten, my husband and I made a difficult choice. We decided to withdraw her from Seneca Academy and switch to public school for first grade. Financially, we didn't think we could make it work to send both our daughter and now her little brother 3 to Seneca together, especially once they were both in elementary.

We made the decision swiftly at the beginning of summer, hoping that like ripping off a band-aid, the sting of leaving would diminish quickly. From the beginning of our start in public school, we were troubled. In areas where she had achieved independence years ago like pushing herself in reading and going to the bathroom by herself our daughter was discouraged.

Academics were stacked in huge blocks of time with few breaks built-in. Snack time didn't exist. Uninspired homework assignments came home with little explanation every night.But part of the Seneca Academy village culture is to support each other, both in and out of the classroom, pulling together to offer whatever assistance is needed.

And so school staff, students, alumni, friends, and parents are worked tirelessly to collaboratively solve this challenge! And thanks to you, we did it! Thank you all for ensuring that Seneca Academy was saved! Thanks for coming to our website! Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have others, please contact us! We are an independent group of parents and alumni and friends! We are in regular contact with the school and have a positive relationship with them.

Everything we can! Many of us are working full-time jobs and raising kids with distance learning. None of us have a background in fundraising, but we have a lot of energy and passion for this school. We are working around the clock, in any spare minutes we have, to make phone calls, send emails, talk with the media and listen to feedback you have on what else we should be doing. We also spend time working on strategic planning for next steps so we can constantly be moving forward.

Our goal is to save our school! Now that we did that, our goal is to ensure that Seneca Academy will not only survive, but thrive in the future. This fundraising gives us confidence about the future of Seneca Academy.

Even though our school will open, it is so important that we retain the energy and enthusiasm that made this a success. We welcome new pledges and be on the lookout for other fundraising opportunities, such as auction items from our planned gala, coming this summer!

We are excited about our new partnership and the incredible support of this community, and have already begun to use all of your wonderful ideas and enthusiasm to plan changes in marketing, communication, and revenue streams. We welcome your feedback. We fundamentally believe in transparency and we will work together with Seneca Academy and its new partner, Georgetown Hillto not only ensure that parents are heard, but also to communicate those changes back to you.

We plan to continue our Town Halls and work hand in hand with the school on this partnership over the summer. Check out our video and testimonials for why Seneca is worth saving. We do a large amount of community service in the area and our children grow up to be model citizens able to tackle the challenges our global world in the future. Make a pledge to donate!Welcome to the Seneca International Academy SIA where you will obtain a world-class education from Seneca that is recognized by employers around the globe.

A dedicated on-campus academy specializing in education for international students, SIA provides:. SIA creates more opportunities for international students to obtain a Seneca credential. To meet the increasing global demand for quality Canadian education, SIA was established to provide international students with world-class academic programs. SIA provides more opportunities for international students to obtain a Seneca credential and enables them to learn in a multicultural community.

SIA offers students a range of support services and a welcoming learning environment that is focused on local and international experiences, enabling students to thrive, learn and grow together. No, the programs are the same. Students will study the same curriculum and earn the same credential regardless of where the program is offered. Please review program availability for international students for start dates of each program.

Services include career and learning resources, housing support, counselling and fitness centre. SIA also offers dedicated on-site immigration advice. Students have access to all services offered at any Seneca campus. This is a Seneca initiative. All programs are delivered by Seneca. Unlike other institutions, SIA is fully integrated into the Seneca community, all programs are taught by experienced faculty and SIA students have access to the comprehensive services available at any Seneca campus.

If you have any questions, please contact Seneca International Academy at sia senecacollege. Contact Us. Seneca International Academy January Table Component - Configuration. Table Component - Configuration. English Language Institute. Learn more about the Seneca International Academy.

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Free bite-sized content and interactive questions to keep students engaged

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seneca academy

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