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From the literature review articles, you have been collecting since Week 1 on your research topic, select one 1 article that uses the deficiencies model of an introduction as described in your text. Post the link to the article. Research carried out on assessing the impact of a student studying abroad at Michigan State University which focused on how students were affected when they travelled to study away from home.

The quantitative research concentrated on collecting data from students and the faculty observation as well as surveys from other campus units. The questionnaires were designed to obtain the true feelings of the respondents on their attitudes and experiences i. The data was statistically analyzed using independent and paired t-tests. The outcome of the survey was that most of the students preferred to study away from home so as to enhance their intellectual growth, personal development, and professional exposure.

The respondents mainly claimed that studying away from home would grant them an opportunity to juggle school and part-time jobs as their schedules were only dependent on them, they would also get to access financial aid which is readily available to students who mostly are away from their mother country.

However, some respondents also complained about the struggles on the cultural adjustment change. The qualitative research on the mobility of students in University in the UK chooses to live at home as compared to the campus residential halls and their experiences as they commute to school. Since the financial budget of one living at home would be friendlier to parents that living on campus. The research also establishes that students who stay at home have limited networks and most times do not get any exposure beyond home environment and ultimately affecting their professional progression.

Christie, H. Higher education and spatial in mobility: non-traditional students and living at home. Ingraham, E. Assessing the impact of study abroad on student learning at Michigan State University. The other theory was on professional and personal growth which especially with the cultural immersions in place.

The study described the relations using push and pull factors analogy whereby the push factors were insufficient capacity in home country for higher education, ineligibility to join state universities and low quality of certain educational programs. The pull factors on the other end were the advantages accrued from the country they study from, exposure and convenience as well as improved prospects on the labour sector of the country.

The study theorizes that students who live off- campus being mainly influenced by financial factors due to the level of income made their families. The study however brings out the fact that there was no significant difference between those who live on campus and off-campus as their performance was relatively similar Christie, According to the research, there is no binding relation as to one staying in campus or living at home as each of the responses received were unique to students but one would easily hypothesize that students who live at home are strained financially and have limited network exposure as compared to their counter parts on campus.

Drug addiction October 2, Published by JM on October 2, Categories Questions. References Christie, H. Related posts.

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Problems Affecting Nursing Practice Read more. Comments are closed. Powered by Join. Hello, how can we help you?The proposal should be about Herodotus and the Oracle at the Delphi. First you should summarize the topic.

Include some discussion of what you intend to investigate and research. As this is a history course, it is fundamental that you explain the historical forces that shaped your topic and how it provides insight into the social and cultural concerns of its day. Talk about how Herodotus and the Oracle at the Delphi relate to the future and how people relied on it to gain guidance and clarity into what the future held.

The biggest concern is that you must have 3 primary sources and 3 secondary sources that I will use when I turn this proposal into a research paper. There is a distinct difference between the primary and secondary, 3 of each is absolutely required. I included one PDF that we used in class for you to get a sense of the topic and what a source should look like. This example does not count in the 6 that you must deliver. The sources also do not count in the 1 page proposal.

They should be kept separate on a different page. Skip to content Please write a 1 page research proposal on Herodotus and the Oracle at Delphi. Research Proposal 1 Page was first posted on December 12, at am. Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article in your feed reader, then the site is guilty of copyright infringement.

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There was no mention in the official analysis of the latest amendments to the Canadian regulations of the US models on which they are based. The Canadian government had a solution from the beginning, and they still do: abolish the No Fly List.

If someone is a threat to airline travel or to those in the region they are traveling to, charge them under the criminal code and take them to court where they can defend themselves, in public. Then, immediately after touching the scanner, they have to touch their face again to put their mask back on. A bill introduced earlier this month in the Senate, and already approved in commiteewould exempt the implementation and administration of the REAL-ID Act from normal administrative requirements for due process in rulemaking and oversight and transparency in demands by Federal agencies for information.

Included in S. As of now, no comparable bill has been introduced in the House. All Federal agencies are, of course, still subject to Constitutional requirements for due process.

research proposal papers please answer

But these provisions of S. The Transportation Security Administration TSA has officially although quietly announced that, as it has planned for yearsits deployment of mug-shot machines at airport checkpoints will move from pilot projects to the new normal for domestic air travelers.

The tenor of questioning by the judge in a Federal court hearing last week raises hope that the Transportation Security Administration TSA might soon be ordered to correct some of its longest standing and most systemic violations of the Freedom Of Information Act FOIA. Time after time, TSA failure to comply with FOIA has delayed, complicated, or completely frustrated our research and reporting on TSA policies and procedures, and has deprived the public of the opportunity for informed scrutiny and comment on what the TSA is doing, why, and with what effects on our rights.

Each agency shall make reasonable efforts to maintain its records in forms or formats that are reproducible for purposes of this section. In a display of either gross incompetence or gross bad faith, the TSA and its parent the Department of Homeland Security DHS appear to have entirely omitted this legal requirement for production of records in any form and format in which they are readily reproducible from their procurement specifications and criteria for evaluation of proposals.

research proposal papers please answer

No Federal agency should ever have used it. We stand by our story. It was issued through a formal process of agency review. Was this a trial balloon to find out whether the DHS had finally reached the limits of our willingness to be treated like criminals whenever we fly?

And if so, has the DHS partially backed off, at least for now? District Courts and preclude any trial or adversarial or judicial fact-finding in such cases. The 9th Circuit panel found that no-fly orders issued by the TSA under the current revised procedures are excluded from the jurisdiction of U.

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District Courts.Make the right judgment call or suffer the consequences. The Ministry of Admission leaves border control in your capable hands. Or do they? With armed guards and extra security, plus punishments for getting things wrong, you may not be as trusted as you think.

You star as the immigration inspector in the fictional locale of Arstotzka in the year No leg warmers or big, poofy hair. Olivia Newton-John and Joan Jett do not play in the background. Arstotzkan has won, retaking Grestin, a border town. Arstotzka is under strict rule. Glory to Arstotzka! The border is guarded with walls, guns, and barbed wire. Immigration access is restricted to those with the proper documents. Depending on the day, immigrant paperwork changes to reflect the current political climate with an unhealthy dose of suspicion.

In Papers, Please, outsiders are always the enemy. But maybe not to you. This is not the career you held before. You and your family had to leave everything behind, and have been moved to class-8 housing. Does it get much lower than that? Each day, you will make decisions based on the morning's memo and the newspaper headlines. Follow the latest decree to the letter or you risk getting punished for your poor decision-making skills.

At the end of the day, 6 PM Arstotzka time, your receipts are tallied and bills for food, rent, medicine, and heat are deducted. Do you have anything left? Your family is depending on you. Too bad the rent goes up, your son gets sick, and your mother-in-law is always hungry. Papers, Please opens on November 23, At first, you must stamp the passport for residents of Arstotzka.

research proposal papers please answer

All foreigners are denied entry.Review the Example Research Proposal provided in the course materials. Design a research study on the topic of the study selected in Week One and critiqued in Week Three. Your design should seek to resolve the limitations you identified in the study you critiqued.

Specify the approach qualitative or quantitativeresearch design, sampling strategy, data collection procedures, and data analysis techniques to be used. If the design is quantitative, also describe the variables, measures, and statistical tests you would use.

Analyze ethical issues that may arise and explain how you would handle these issues. Your Final Paper must be six to eight pages in length excluding title and reference pages and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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Utilize a minimum of six peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last 10 years, in addition to the textbook, that are documented in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. The sources should consist of the following: One source should be the article you critiqued in the Week Three assignment.

At least two sources should be about the research methodology you have chosen for your study. At least one source should be on ethical issues in research. The remaining sources may be about anything pertinent to your study.

Literature Review — Summarize the current state of knowledge on your topic, making reference to the findings of previous research studies including the one you critiqued in Week Three. Briefly analyze and critique these studies and mention the research methods that have previously been used to study the topic.

State whether your proposed study is a replication of a previous study or a new approach using methods that have not been used before. Be sure to properly cite all of your sources in APA style. Methods Design — Indicate whether your proposed study is qualitative or quantitative in approach. Identify the specific research design, using one of the designs we have studied in Weeks Three through Five, and indicate whether it is experimental or non-experimental. Evaluate your chosen design and explain why you believe this design is appropriate for the topic and how it will provide the information you need to answer the research question.

Research Development Office (RDO)

Cite sources on research methodology to support your choices. Participants — Identify and describe the sampling strategy you would use to recruit participants for your study. Estimate the number of participants you would need and explain why your sampling method is appropriate for your research design and approach.

Indicate whether you will use any kind of test, questionnaire, or measurement instrument. If using an existing published instrument, provide a brief description and cite your source.The Research Development Office guides faculty in the pursuit of research funding, the formation of cross-disciplinary science teams, and the development of collaborative research center proposals.

Our goal is to catalyze collaboration, improve funding success, and grow the research enterprise. Our Services Finding Funding Opportunities Want to learn more about the federal funding landscape, how to diversify your funding portfolio, where to find funding, or how to connect with the right program official? We can help. Check out available tools for finding fundingfederal agency informationor schedule a meeting with us to discuss your research.

The Washington University Research Development Office is happy to offer advice for any proposal and answer questions about any opportunity. For large or complex proposals that bridge disciplines or those of strategic importance to Washington University we provide additional proposal management services.

Using best practices we work with PI teams to plan and produce a highly competitive proposal. Do you need assistance finding collaborators, facilitating team brainstorming, or developing white papers? Please check out available networking toolsseed fundingor contact us to develop a research networking group.

Writing a winning proposal is a strategic process that requires thorough research, planning, partnerships, and execution. Internal selections at Washington University in St.

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Louis are managed by the Research Development Office to determine which faculty member from the university can submit an application for limited submission funding opportunities. Learn more.

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research proposal papers please answer

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